Workshop of Computer Vision Technology in Electric Power System

at ACCV 2022

The organizers of this workshop involve various disciplines of North China Electric Power University, including electronic communication, computer, automation and other majors. Selecting research talents and building teams in an interdisciplinary way realize the diversity and complementarity of the organizational team .

The invited speakers include professors from universities, researchers from research institutes and builders of major projects of power companies. They have not only achieved complementarity in theoretical research of computer vision, but also achieved good complementarity in the practice of specific projects.The main research directions of these speakers are mostly computer vision, as well as some electrical information technology and big data analysis. Through the communication and discussion of the workshop, we believe that different sparks will be generated in theoretical research.In terms of specific practice, the outstanding scientific and technological projects of the speakers are mostly in electric power vision, but they also include uav vision and simulation of intelligent internet of things, etc. We believe that they have very good complementarity in practical application.

This workshop is dedicated to applying computer vision to the power industry to realize the intelligent detection of the whole process of the power industry. We have reason to believe that this will help promote the application of computer vision and machine learning in social industries, particularly in the power industry.All in all, the wide application of electric power vision will have a positive social impact and a positive moral impact.